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About us

Youthnet Hellas is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that seeks, though actions and interventions, the active participation of Youth in local, national, European and international level.

It started as a group of young people from all over Greece who decided to channel all their passion and energy, as well as their enriched experience from a long term occupation in the Municipal and Regional Youth Councils, and their knowledge on Youth Policies, European Programmes and Volunteering, into a new NGO.

Youthnet Hellas’ goal is the promotion of networking among young people based on theme initiatives, and the monitoring of the implementation of International and European Youth Policies in Greece.

Youthnet Hellas, along with other organisations from European Union countries, was awarded with the European Citizens’ Prize by the President of the European Parliament, Mr Martin Schulz, at a ceremony held in Brussels on 16th of October 2013. The European Citizens’ Prize is awarded annually to outstanding civil society initiatives and organisations in all EU countries. The proposal to honour Youthnet Hellas was made by the Member of the European Parliament Mr Giorgos Chatzimarkakis.

Youthnet Hellas was awarded this prize for its important and multifaceted work so far. More specifically, the innovative work on writing the Annual Report for the Youth Sector in Greece over the last four years, was recognized, as well as the significant effort to promote the mobility of young people in Europe. This was made possible with the participation of over 500 young people from all over Greece in more than 150 fully-funded Youth in Action programs, and with the opportunities to participate in common activities, to acquire experience on European issues and to contribute substantially to the formation of a healthy political, economic and social reality.

The Training for Developing Youth Reporting Capacities (You.Re.Ca.) Project is one of the 15 projects that were awarded the UNESCO Label during the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum in Paris, October 2013. Youthnet Hellas’s project proposal was among the 15 awarded out of a total of 1,532 proposals submitted worldwide. It was, also, one out of three proposals that were awarded from the geographical area of Europe and North America. The 15 winning proposals were presented and discussed during the UNESCO General Assembly in Paris, November 2013.

The You.Re.Ca. project focuses on the training of young leaders from youth organisations and NGOs from around the world, in order to acquire the necessary skills that will enable them to draw up their National Youth Reports.

In February 2015, the State of Kuwait, recognizing the importance of the project and the necessity of young people’s education, expressed its desire to contribute in the implementation of the 'You.Re.Ca.' project. The contribution from the State of Kuwait is a new form of financial instrument that will be used by Youthnet Hellas, through the intermediary of UNESCO, bringing the NGO closer to the objectives set by the program 'You.Re.Ca.' achievement. In June 2015 the online training began through the special platform that was created for the needs of this project and 50 young people from 41 countries were trained on drafting the National Youth Reports.